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UN//TITLED front cover (2021) by Artmando Bravo (Mexico) + Stiofan O’Ceallaigh (UK)

BALACLAVA.Q (Established 2016)

Connecting // Promoting + Creating Platforms for Queer Artists.

One of four new commissions for the UN//TITLED inside cover by Ron Kibble (USA)

BACKGROUND: Established in 2016 Balaclava.Q is an international queer visual art project (+ collective) of 400+ LGBTQ+ artists and creatives. Balaclava.Q strategically functions to: connect, promote and create platforms for queer artists. We are a volunteer-led, not-for-profit and we operate strategically under 4 distinct strands (or tactics) which enables artistic queer self expression via: TACTIC #1: Obscuring The Face, TACTIC #2: Film + Video, TACTIC #3: Abstract Activism and TACTIC 4: Curatorial Projects + Collaborations.

MEDUSA’S BLINDING LOVE (2019) by Ian et Jacques (Italy)

In April 2021 Balaclava.Q self-published new art book titled UN//TITLED An Anthology of Queer Contemporary Art // 2016-2020 to coincide with the 5 year anniversary of the project. This publication will act as both a portfolio and as an advocacy document to celebrate and elevate the Balaclava.Q art, artists and curatorial projects.  UN//TITLED seeks to disrupt notions of traditional art book publishing by self-determining what queer contemporary art is, and can be.  Ultimately an effort to make queer art more accessible to new audiences UN//TITLED is a celebratory piece of printed matter that provides a diverse and inclusive snapshot of the most compelling art and artists featured and promoted by Balaclava.Q.

TEJIDO ELEMENTAL (2016) by Ingrato (Germany)

UN//TITLED specifications:


Subtitle: An Anthology of Queer Contemporary Art // 2016-2020

Editor + Curator: Stiofan O’Ceallaigh (UK)

Cover Art by: Artmando Bravo (Mexico) +Stiofan O’Ceallaigh (UK)

Size: (A4) 30cm x 21cm x 0.8cm

120 pages (full colour) with (PUR) perfect binding

LIMITED EDTION of 200 copies.

Each copy is individually numbered and signed by Balaclava.Q Founder + Director: Stiofan O’Ceallaigh.

UN//TITLED has been organised into 3 sections:

SECTION 1: An introduction and background to Balaclava.Q and the curatorial projects which span 2016-2020 which includes generous contributions in the form of 3 Forewords by: Ms Lottie Barnes (Culture, Arts + Health Manager, Guernsey, The Channel Islands) who talks about Balaclava.Q + UN//TITLED from an Arts + Health perspective, Mr John Hopper (of Inspirational magazine + John Hopper Publishing, UK) who talks about this project from a self-publishing lens, and finally Mr David Acosta (of Wicked Gay Ways + Casa de Duende, USA) who explores this project from the perspective of art as activism and collective working.

SECTION 2: is the Selected Artists section of the book, and

SECTION 3: Acknowledgements + credits to everyone who has contributed to the success Balaclava.Q (2016-current).

Also scattered throughout UN//TITLED you will find the Spotlight Artworks which further enhance and enrich the overall offer in the book and also throughout UN//TITLED you will find a series of QR codes which when scanned with your smartphone/tablet will take you to Balaclava.Q online content (of which some online content is exclusive to UN//TITLED readers).

And the final contribution to UN//TITLED is by artist Ron Kibble (USA) who has created drawing for the inside (front and back) covers inspired by the background to Balaclava.Q and the art and artists in UN//TITLED.

FOLA [HEAL] iv (2018) by Sade Shoalane (Botswana)

To produce UN//TITLED Balaclava.Q issued a call out to all of the artists who have previously contributed to Balaclava.Q Projects. 473 individual artwork submissions we received, and then a Selection Panel of experienced curators and activists selected 60 artworks to appear in this book. The publicly personal art in UN//TITLED covers a wide variety of mediums and methods which include (post-)photography, performance, painting, sculpture, digital, installation, wearable art, drawing and moving image.

URBAN MASK #98 (GHOST SERIES) “AIDS IS NOT OVER” (2018) by Gregory Farrar Scott (USA)

Together the UN//TITLED artists offer diverse and rich perspectives on Queer themes and concerns such as: masculinities + feminism, the political + the personal, (in)visibility + (im)possibility, trauma: anxiety + depression, the ugly + the beautiful, love + hate, dualism: the self + the other, sex + sensuality, art history + art theory, (self)censorship: freedom + repression, pride + shame, assumptions + acceptance, reproduction + gender, strength + vulnerability, place + space, identity + (be)longing, the body + the mind, (auto)biography + story, isolation + family, youth + aging, HIV + AIDS, science + religion, aesthetics + culture(s), genealogies + mythologies, (un)becoming: transformation and transgression, exposure + intimacy, happiness and fear, the biological + the metaphysical, the past + the future, and the here and now.

STRONG WOMEN (2018) by Victoria Shone (UK)

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of UN//TITLED An Anthology of Queer Contemporary Art // 2016-2020.

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of UN//TITLED An Anthology of Queer Contemporary Art // 2016-2020.

SUDARIUM – ENOUGH ALREADY (2020) by Bryan Hoffman (USA)